merry christmas

Peace and joy and other favorites

I hope this time of year brings you many words of joy. Words like...

No assembly required Dishwasher safe Batteries included One size fits all

And also,

I love you Please Thank you Hooray I love it Yes No thank you See you soon It's perfect You're welcome Come over I remember I love you, too

Thank you for reading my words here this year. I hope to bring you even more in 2016! xoxo

Photo credit: Bonnie Berry Photography

Predictions for 2012

That the new year will be filled with more magic, but only if nobody pokes an eye out.*   *   *

That our next whoopie cushion will last just barely longer than 24 hours. *   *   *

That the obnoxious "whee-hoo-whee-hoo-whee-hoo" guns from Grandma will accidentally get thrown out with the gift wrapping trash. *   *   *

That, if kept in the right hands, the portable megaphone will prove to be the most practical Christmas gift ever. Happy New Year!