Unscientific Method

2013.01.ScienceFair-1Problem:Is it possible for parents to help their child with her first Science Fair project without having a nervous breakdown?

Hypothesis: No. Considering the combined parental baggage of perfectionism, overly optimistic time management skills, three kids, two jobs, and various other non-optional duties such as grocery shopping and showering.


  • Start early!
  • Make a plan!
  • Buy adorable radish seeds and potting soil!
  • Pat yourself on the back about how relaxed you both have been and how your child is doing this TOTALLY ON HER OWN, just like she’s supposed to!
  • Realize the night before the project is due that your child types at a speed of approximately two words per minute and even though she OWNS THIS PROJECT, she must please for the love of God let me type something, anything, just tell me what to type to get this freaking show on the road.
  • Walk away and let her type.
  • Pour some tea.
  • Wait for reinforcements, who in this case is your Knight in a Shining Elvis T-shirt.
  • Cook dinner.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Make lunches.
  • Tuck siblings into bed.
  • Cross fingers.

Results: Return to find a dining table covered in poster board, paper clippings, double-sided tape, photos, markers and charts...right alongside a beaming child.

Conclusion: This scientist was wrong. It can absolutely be done, just not without the patience of a saint and the spirit of the King.

*     *     *

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Forget me not

So, Hubs has been traveling a lot with work, which is really super fantastic because it gives me all kinds of fodder for blog posts but little time to actually put it in writing. But who am I to complain? After all, it's not total fun and games for Hubs either. He's working nonstop, sleeping in a quiet kid-free room alone, and missing the warmth and chaos comfort of home.

Yet somehow, we persevere...and I think it has something to do with a family tradition that, though started quite accidentally, keeps us connected while apart. It all began years ago, back when we were a family of four, not five. One early morning Hubs was trying to navigate his way out the door, shuffling through kids and dogs with his briefcase, tiny suitcase and even tinier shampoo bottles when Rascal bolted after him. Pushing a vintage Star Wars guy into his palm, he implored, "Take Droid with you and think of me!"

Naturally, this sent Doodlebug into complete hysterics because obviously "Daddy is not going to think of me! Quick, what can I give him??" Deaf to words like rush-hour traffic and freaking ridiculous security lines, she raced through the house in search of something, anything. She returned with a small plastic Hippo. Phew! Now he would, as the kids carefully repeated, remember to remember us.

And who would have guessed, but it actually worked! And we are still getting the postcards to prove it....