On the job

IMG_6135 In a few weeks I have the honor of speaking about my experiences as a freelance writer/photographer. The audience? A couple dozen 5th graders, including my son. I’m excited about the opportunity, and can only assume that the professional athletes, filmmakers and zookeeper parents were unavailable for this particular day.

The teacher gave me a few basic Career Day guidelines. My son, however, had more specific suggestions.

“Make a Power Point!” he said. “But only if it’s awesome with great music and epic graphics.”

“Show lots of photos!” he said. “But only if I get to approve any shot with me in it.”

“Tell us cool stories!” he said. “But only if they aren’t, you know, boring and adult-like.”

“Be funny!” he said. “But…well, never mind.”

Never mind WHAT, son?



In other news…I’m thrilled to share that I was recently nominated for an Iris Award in the Best Photography category. The Iris Awards honor individuals and organizations creating content online, and they will be presented in a few weeks at the Mom 2.0 Summit in beautiful Laguna Niguel, California. I am incredibly flattered to be listed among such talented industry giants.

Awards aside, I am counting down the days until the conference, when I get to hang with dear friends from all over the country and fill up on the words of inspiring speakers.  I predict a lot of laughing, even more dancing and not a single boring Power Point.