Apparently it really does take months to unpack, but I think we are now as close to settled as we're going to get. As promised, I've got lots of before and after photos for you. It's so weird seeing the old photos of our home, even though most were taken just a year ago. The rooms are familiar and strange all at once. A quick overview of the remodel: We started with 1,650 square feet (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 living room and 1 small loft that we used as a bedroom). The goal was to get all the kids upstairs, rearrange the downstairs for better traffic flow and add a second living space. We also wanted to brighten up the entire house and pare down our furnishings to make everything look more cohesive. It was a tall order, but our awesome team made it happen. Because of neighborhood restrictions, we were limited on the amount of square footage we could add, but we were able to fit 3 new bedrooms and 2 new baths upstairs in 830 sf. (Hooray for a creative architect and a determined homeowner!) We went from 1,650sf to 2,480sf and love the final result. It feels like our old house vibe, but better...What more could we ask for?


EXTERIOR BEFORE: 2014.02.03.House-23

EXTERIOR AFTER: 2015.04.House-3


ENTRY AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-57

ENTRY AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-51

LIVING ROOM BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-10

LIVING ROOM AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-35

LIVING ROOM BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-13-2

LIVING ROOM AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-38

DINING ROOM BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-22

DINING ROOM AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-6

DINING ROOM BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-19-2

DINING ROOM AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-12

OFFICE BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-8

OFFICE AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-83

KITCHEN BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-16-3

KITCHEN AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-14

STAIRS BEFORE: 2014.02.HouseBefore-23

STAIRS AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-64


MASTER BEDROOM AFTER (now TV room): 2015.02.27.House-3


MASTER BEDROOM AFTER (now TV room): 2015.02.27.House-11

UPSTAIRS BEFORE (photo is 5 yrs old, but gives size perspective. This was the entire upstairs): IMG_1224

NEW VIEW LOOKING UPSTAIRS: 2015.02.27.House-23

And then some AFTER photos that don't really have BEFORE shots...

NEW MASTER SUITE (created by combining two small downstairs bedrooms and a hall bath): 2015.02.06.House-27-2



THE 12-YR-OLD'S ROOM: 2015.02.06.House-6


NEW BATH (GIRLS): 2015.02.04.House-100

NEW BATH (BOYS): 2015.02.04.House-113

THE 10-YR-OLD'S ROOM: 2015.02.06.House-16


THE 6-YR-OLD'S ROOM: 2015.02.04.House-109



GOOD LUCK CHARMS AFTER: 2015.02.04.House-17

Thanks for taking the ride with us! If you want to see previous posts about the project, check out these... Makeover Madness Dismantling I Spent Three Solid Days Obsessing Over Grout Color So You Don't Have To Moving Home

Also, big thanks to our team: Paul DeGroot, ArchitectGary Zygmont, Urban Home Builders and Houzz, which fueled my obsession and inspiration for every last design detail.