How much?

2012.12.loveyou.2-2-2 Sometimes when you want someone to know how much you love them, you have to spell it out.

If you live in Austin, you certainly recognize these words that grace the wall of Jo's on S. Congress. It's a popular little coffee shop and at any given time there is usually a line stretching down the sidewalk. Actually, make that two lines: one waiting to order a drink and one waiting to take a photo of their famous graffiti. Newlyweds, kids, can find them all smiling under the cheery words.


When I started photographing graffiti around town for my Word on the Street project, Jo's was an obvious stop. I took the image, played with the color, printed it on metal, and it's now my most popular piece. See how sleek and cool it looks hanging on a wall?


It makes a great gift for someone you love so much. Visit my brand-new etsy store for details or email me with questions!

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