Makeover madness

houseplansThe thing about a home improvement project is that it completely, unapologetically messes with your head. Creating mental whiplash, if you will. Big picture, little picture, big picture, little picture. My mind is constantly telescoping in and out, changing focus from one second to the next.

What’s our family’s mission statement and how can we honor that within the confines of four walls and one budget? I prefer the toilet paper holder on my left or right side when I’m enjoying stolen moments from said family?

To keep me steady during this long and tedious process, I’m latching on to a few critical Before and After images.

Before: Three kids in one bathroom, performing the nightly ritual where one kid showers, another does his business on the toilet, and the other brushes his teeth...all within inches of each other. I call this charming part of our day “Worlds Colliding.”

After: A boy bathroom, complete with bleachable tiles and, as requested, not much else. A separate girl bathroom with room for all the disappearing/reappearing hairbands and pre-teen angst.

Before: One living room for adults, kids, dogs, friends, guests, toys, music, art, homework, TV and video games.

After: One living space for kids, friends and the Wii rage that often accompanies them. Another space for thick books, wine and Nashville.

Before: A master bath that doubles as Hubs’ closet, which doubles (triples??) as his home office.

After: Not ever having to say, “Sweetheart, can you go work in the other room? I need to poop.”

Really, it’s the small things in life. That is, when it’s not the big things.

*     *     *

Speaking of makeovers, I’m also redesigning my blog and online presence. Equally exciting, but (thankfully) requiring far less bathroom talk! I'm really excited about the new changes and will have more to share in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!