Democracy in action

photo So tomorrow we are bringing home the newest member of Team McGuire. We are SO EXCITED! We have been waiting for this guy for months, this adorable yet nameless creature.

When you have five opinionated voters, selecting a name can get a little complicated. Our process was nothing if not thorough and included the following steps:

Preliminary brainstorming * Think of favorite literary references. "You'll never guess why, but how about Albus, Lupin or Harry?" * Research the meanings of names. "Mom, what's the Greek word for awesome?" * Consider a family name. "Let's name him after ME! At least his middle name because I'm the middle child!" * Honor our musical tastes. "How about Charlie Hodge? We can train him to bring me my scarves and my water."

Straw voting During a 6-hour road trip, narrow it down to three top names then realize that the youngest voter is swayed during each vote by the sibling he likes most at that very second. (Elder statesman kicks herself for not taking advantage of this.)

Lobbying This phase may or may not include a certain voter suggesting that, "Seriously sweetie, it's really going to come down to our votes because the guys don't care nearly as much as us, right? What can I do to get you on my side?"

Real world testing Insist that the youngest and most puppy-like voter crawl on the floor barking while the others call him by potential names. "See how easy it is to say, Sit ___! with this name?" "Sure, but he wagged his tail more with the other one."

Final decision The final vote is cast when we see his furry face again. I'd give you a hint, but who knows how many last-minute amendments and re-votes will appear before then. Wish us luck!

*     *     *

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