10 Reasons You Should Be Glad I Didn't Blog in My Twenties

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Ready for a fun trip down Fuzzy-Memory Lane? Some friends and I are all answering the same prompt today and explaining why you should be glad we didn’t blog in our 20s. Here goes..

1. Because I’m so much cuter now without the Freshman 15. (Can you call it that when it lasts all four years?)

2. Every Monday night my blog readers would need to do the secret sorority handshake before logging on.

3. My fashion advice would have been heavily influenced by the stage where I transitioned, rather abruptly, from oh-so-preppy Molly Ringwald to the not-so-preppy Kurt Cobain.

4. That one summer I studied in Italy and learned what existential meant. (FYI, it means existing on wine, white bread and all-night discotequeing.)

5. My travel reviews would have been iffy at best. Sleeping on the floor of friends-of-friends? Adventurous! Sharing a hotel room that accommodates 3 king-size beds? Efficient! A hostel room with a bathroom door that actually closes? Luxury!

6. You would have to hear me gush over how much I looove R.E.M. Oh wait, I still do that.

7. The page you are are now reading would take 20 minutes to load via MY VERY OWN 14.4 modem and free AOL cd.

8. Remember how I got that great job writing for HealthyPet.com and all my friends thought I had found Jesus and was working for HealThyPet.com? That.

9. You would have hated me at 24. I had no college debt, a decent 9-5 job, fun co-workers, and I spent every weekend skiing or hiking in the Colorado Rockies...I’m nauseated and jealous of my former self even now!

10. My Pinterest boards would have been carefully designed with photos of our first married apartment, decorated in “Early American Wedding” style: two dozen versions of engagement poses over the mantle, a flowery Picasso poster above the sofa, and oversized silver Arthur Court bowls adorning every wobbly, wood-veneer surface you could fit into 500 square feet.

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