I mean, seriously

Things that are "RIDICULOUS" to a precocious 10-year-old girl:

• Dad standing outside the shower telling me to hurry up. I am hurrying! • Every single boy in the 4th grade. Except maybe two of them. • In that Backyardigans episode my little brother watches, the Olympians are playing basketball when the sport wasn't even INVENTED until like the 1890's • Bedtime rules on school nights • That Mom and Dad always know when I sneak candy • Peanut butter • Girls who go nutso over 1D. I mean, I love their music but really? • My brothers and all their wrestling • Pirates • When I can't stay up as late as I want to read. It's reading! It's educational! • With the word moist you pronounce the t, but with moisten you don't • Crying and whining totally works for my little brother • Watching Star Wars for the bazilliionth time because my brothers got to pick • I can't have a playdate today when I NEVER EVER see my friends • Pancakes without bacon • Mom's no-soda rule • That one lady on Design Star • Mom and Dad telling me not to nitpick • That casual attire doesn't always means Nike shorts and a T-shirt • People in the world who haven't read the Harry Potter series a million times • Pretty much every pair of clean socks in my drawer

*     *     *

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