See also: "totally bogus"

Things that are "ANNOYING" to a busy 8-year-old boy: • Mom’s No-Fart-Jokes-at-the-Dinner-Table rule • Double-knotted laces when I’m trying to rip off my shoes without untying them • Spelling rules • Spelling tests • Stupid pencils with no stupid erasers when I have to study for stupid spelling tests • Big sisters who think they know everything about mythology when really only I do • Little brothers who copy everything • When mom says he copies just because he wants to be like me • Sitting down to eat • Forks • Spoons • Napkins • When the coolest part of the creek has stagnant water that freaks Mom out • Learning a new video game • Turning off a video game when I just learned how to play it LIKE FIVE MINUTES AGO • Playing chase (or anything!) with girls who make up too many rules • Cleaning up my awesome Lego stuff on vacuum day • When superheroes get all mushy • Showering • Re-showering when I forget to wash my stinky parts • Toothbrushes and flossers that are supposed to make me like brushing and flossing • Socks • Alarm clocks • Having to hear the “Family Plan for the Day” • Anything that's not awesome

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