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Things that are "BORING" to a saucy 3-year-old:

• Shoes that are not flip-flops • Any non-beige food item • Books involving happy bunnies • Carseats • Running errands without a lightsaber or other weapon • Having your photo taken • Leaving the house when Mom seems rushed • Television shows designed for 3-year-olds • Lego sets designed for 3-year-olds • Costumes that don't come with a laser blaster because Mom didn't special order it • Shirts with collars • Shorts with snaps • Going into the school classroom • Leaving the school playground • Washing hands "when I only went pee!" • Getting into the bath • Getting out of the bath • Sleeping • Waking • All of the Star Wars movies except "the hot lava one that I'm not allowed to watch." • Mom's no-gum-til-I'm-four rule • Catching bread when it pops out of the toaster instead of reaching in and grabbing it. • Drawing with anything but Sharpie markers