Time will tell

She may have outgrown the shirt, but the nickname still fits.

*     *     *

Speaking of time marching on...today I'm over at my friend Nancy's place, writing about one of the oldest and most important albums in my life. Her wonderful blog, Midlife Mixtape, features a new column called Still in Rotation, where she invites readers to share stories about albums with incredible staying power. My longtime pals have heard me gush about R.E.M. for decades, but for my newer friends and readers, here's a chance to see how the obsession started all those years ago.

After you check out my guest post, definitely browse through the rest of Midlife Mixtape. Two of my favorite posts are the hilarious No Gum, No Gun about having your I.D. checked at concerts, and the sweet Love's Letters Lost, which laments the death of paper correspondence. (And no, it's not just because that one features an omigod-they-are-so-adorbs video at the end. Ahem.)

Thanks Nancy for the invitation to guest post! You are one of the sharpest, funniest women I know! Mwah!