I am grateful to have so many deserving Valentines in my life, but today I'm sending extra love to one who has been a dear and devoted ally in my journey through motherhood, not to mention that ancient time before it.  All of this support and she has never once expected a handwritten card, a box of chocolates, a lap dance, or anything else in return. What says love more than that? Here she is captured during some of her finest parenting moments...

Playing gracious host to a new arrival. And forgiving me immediately. *

Alerting me of a "playing in the recycling bin" transgression. *

Showing Dad Mom's way the right way to bathe a kid. *

Monitoring time-out. *

Overseeing tummy time *

Playing hide n seek. *

Overseeing third round of tummy time, even though it's harder with arthritis. *

Giving the spotlight, every single time, to someone else. Even though you had my heart first.

Happy Valentine's Day, Zoe! *