I know, I know...I have been gone and didn't even bother to bring back a lousy T-shirt for you. Please accept my apologies and these belated postcards. Ah, here we are at a beautiful, family-friendly beach resort. By "resort" of course I mean "random city park in the middle of nowhere." Lucky for us, the event organizers provided babysitters...

But that's not all we've been up to!

We spent some quality time with family. All the cousins! Yay! And traditions! Yay! Like food and football and an annual photo with all seven cousins sitting together looking adorable. Or maybe just six of them. Because maybe a certain 2-year-old (ahem) might decide to throw an unholy fit and refuse to stand anywhere near the group without spitting and crying and hurling his body all about. Family bonding!

But that boy, he is no dummy, that's for sure. He knows a travel tip when he sees it: When you have to take a trip to time-out, you might as well pack snacks.