The view from here

The view from here is knee-deep, up to my ears, in the weeds. Juggling, juggling, juggling. All hands on deck!

Ringing alarms, iPhone chimes, not-so friendly reminders. Sync up, follow up, heads up. Calendars, emails, reply all, reply all, reply freaking all???

Meal planning. Meal scrambling. Lofty goals, childish whims, finite patience. Three sandwiches, three apples, three lunchboxes. Rotate and repeat.

Who does drop-off? Where is practice? Find your shoes, find your shoes, find your ever-loving shoes! Wear a hat, wipe your nose, did you flush?

Deadlines, volunteer slots, playdates, conferences. Read this, reach that, sign this, slice that. Slow down, hurry up, don’t touch that, spit it out.

Addition, subtraction, spelling tests, reading logs. Timeouts, redirection, using words, golden rule. Oh no you don't, I don't like your tone, not with that voice, again without whining.

Feed the dog, walk the dog. Make a note to pet the dog. Call the plumber, cancel the cable, fix the printer. Find the time to change a lightbulb.

Paper mâché recipes, Lego directions, Spiderman puzzles. Planned spontaneity. $100 sitters for $50 dinners. Predawn runs, midnight emails, stolen moments, negotiated escapes.

Have a life, make a living, keep the faith. One foot in the door. Options open. What's that quote about seasons?

Five more minutes. Please will you snuggle. Please please please. I promise, I swear. One more song, one more book. One more kiss, one last hug. Another goodnight.