Sunday Grace

Family, what are you thankful for today?Highlights from this week:

Thoughtful and caring teammates Fun track workout Strawberries "Torta-nini" Batman Apples (Honeycrisps are back!) First soccer game We can hear ACL soundchecks from front porch Popsicles Ballet Rain!!!

I'm always grateful for my bloggy friends and readers, especially those who have tuned in weekly to read my Sunday Grace posts. I love your comments about the quirky things we appreciate. (Always the apples and ketchup!) With that said, it’s time for Sunday Grace to take a break. Our family will continue the tradition, but I will no longer be posting weekly wrap-ups. All blogs need occasional makeovers and this is just a small part of that process.

Thank you again, my friends. And if you’d like to look back and see why it all started, nearly two years ago, you can read about it here.

Happy Sunday to everyone!