One of the best things about having young kids is that they are built-in fans. The key word being young kids...when they are old enough to clap their hands together and young enough to think their parents hung the moon and every single star. That's pretty much where we are, so we take advantage of their enthusiasm when we can.

Last weekend I spent three hours in the Hill Country with the kids, watching mountain bikers whizz by in a flurry of dirt and sweat. Every 45 minutes, Hubs would fly by and I would shout, "KIDS! There's Dad! Cheer, CHEER!" And two seconds later, when he had turned the corner between some scraggly cedar trees, the kids would shake their cowbells and blow their duck calls and yell, "Go, Dad, Go!"

And then they would get back to the business of whining and fighting and begging for Gatorade and asking how much longer, how much longer, how much looonger??? It was awesome. Like I said, our kids think we hung the moon and stars...but only for minutes at a time.

Speaking of cheerleading, if you live in Austin, I hope you'll come see me and an amazing cast of women next week at the Listen to Your Mother show. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll high five! You probably want to bring some tissues, but you can leave the cowbells at home.

Already got your tickets? Great! How about sending a note to 10 friends and spreading the news? We want a packed house!