The understudy

I was cleaning out a pile of papers yesterday and found a note I had jotted down after a conversation with Doodlebug. It was dated 2009, when she was 6 years old.  I remember we had been cuddled up reading It's Not the Stork, which I bought after her repeated and increasingly detailed questions about the birds and the bees.

"Mom, the sex part is kinda weird."

Yeah, it's a little weird. You're supposed to think it's weird because you are a kid, but when you grow up you'll think differently.

"What about younger know, who aren't married? Do they think it's weird?"

They are thinking about it (um, a lot) and some (ok, most) of them are having sex. We will keep talking about this as you get older, but right now you should know that sex is a very special thing that people do when they are old enough and in love.

"Well I'm definitely going to do it someday because I want to be a Mommy."

And you will make a great one, sweetie, because you are so loving and big-hearted. You take such good care of your brothers and cousins.

"And because I pay attention to everything you I'm learning to be a Mommy."

(Gulp) That makes me want to be the best Mommy I can be.

"Good, then I can be the best too."

*     *     *

Speaking of parenting skills...I had the privilege of hearing Brené Brown speak last night about the gifts of imperfect parenting and I was completely blown away. Truly.  She was engaging, funny and wise. I am still trying to absorb everything I heard and can't wait to dive into her new book. I swear, even if you're not a parent, she has something to teach you.