I trimmed them back on a Tuesday, during a burst of domestic enthusiasm while the kids played nearby. A task that was once an enjoyable winter-to-spring ritual long ago became an afterthought, a quick decision made in between blowing bubbles and refereeing arguments. And so it was this time as well…a chore completed with little introspection before I moved on to the busy-ness of my life.

By Friday morning, bold, green stalks had sprouted up through the brown ones. Determined pioneers reached skyward, ready to grow into a lush, butterfly-enticing plant. How quickly and confidently they sought light.

You must make room for something to grow, a wise friend once shared. When it seems you are asked to create a space where none exists, then cut back the weathered excuses, the stale ideas, the ancient hang-ups and you will find opportunity.

Make room for growth and it will unfurl like never before.