Where does the white go when the snow melts?

Thank you. To all of you who have shared your warmth and support--whether through words, thoughts or hugs--please know that I am truly touched and enormously grateful. Thank you. I am still feeling disoriented and exhausted, but I'm doing my best to put one foot in front of the other, drink plenty of water, and try to make my kids smile. Today's unusual snow day (!!) made all these things significantly easier.

A few captured moments...

Crazy, but yes this is Austin! It was a blizzard compared to last year.


We are such rookies. The kids built "sand" castles until they remembered how much they've been dying to have a snowball fight with actual snow, not balled-up socks like we usually do. (Clean-up was much easier with the snow.)


My littlest angel was game for every bit of it.


And in tribute to a local legend, we decided to skip the snowman altogether. Keep Austin Weird, y'all.

What a great day. There is still plenty of white in our shady backyard, but as it melts I see tiny slivers of color peeking through.