For the last few days I have been camped out at my parents' house with a seemingly vast amount of time on my hands. To keep myself busy I brought along a monstrous and nagging photo-organization project. As I sifted through thousands of digital photos over the past eight years, one thought kept running through my head:

These are the good old days.

Almost every image captured some piece of joy, no matter how small or ordinary. Very few brought back the darker memories. How is that? My life is like most--full of ups and downs and sometimes too many downs. But yet I pore over these tiny memories and see so much goodness. Is this hindsight? If so, is there any way I can harness its power without waiting for the present to turn into the distant past?

I am desperate for this perfect vision, because I need it now more than ever. I need to know that even in the worst of circumstances, there can be, will be, beauty and healing. And I need it in this very moment. Not tomorrow, and especially not eight years from now. Right now.

*     *     *