Just shoot me

My camera, not pictured above, is on the fritz. This is good and bad news. Bad because I don't have time to write 1,000 words every time I want to capture a moment. Good because maybe just maybe I can justify buying an upgrade once I figure out what's going on with my ailing Rebel.

In the meantime, I've been documenting the everyday with my iPhone.

Some recent highlights from our world:

Rascal's DS got out of timeout. We are all overjoyed.

I got a pedicure to match my favorite chair.

Doodlebug got a new coat that's as sassy as she is.

Hubby found someone to appreciate his pumpkin stacking talents.

Smiley perfected his bell-ringing skills, much to the delight of neighbors.

We all survived last week, which was busting at the seams with class projects, cake decorating contests, school carnival and, of course, Halloween.

Our costumes? Well, the kids had been all set until an hour before trick-or-treating. Then Hubby and I pulled out the costume box to figure out what we were going to wear...and suddenly the living room was a pile of wigs, beads, pleather jackets, capes, tails and hats. And what emerged: a Jonas brother, a skunk, a cowboy who refused to wear a single piece of his costume, a punk witch and "Rascal's embarrassing Dad." I'll let you figure out that last one on your own.

*     *     *