The great escape

Did you hear that Hubby and I spent last weekend away? It was wonderful!We actually returned to the kids, though, and even brought back some souvenir photos.

See if you can guess what's missing from each shot...

A child strapped to Hubby's back, poking sticky fingers into his ears. *

A child teetering on top of this rock. Or asking if he could jump off. Or asking if this rock is higher than the one her brother sat on five minutes ago. * Children begging for a harp of their very own. Swearing that of course there's room in the house. Or promising to give away three stuffed animals each if we will just buy a harp pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. *

A child shouting just as the music quiets, "Mama! Is that guy from the real Mexico or the Disney one??" *

The short temper that comes from sleeping only 5 hours a night. The darting eyes that must look in three different directions at all times. The weariness from not finishing a husband-wife conversation in days. The spinning thoughts that run nonstop on my mind's treadmill. The tasty drink in my hand that I haven't shared with a single germy child.

*     *     * It's a wonder we came home at all.