These boots are made for road tripping

By the time you read this, Hubby and I will be 24 hours into our first Kid-Free weekend in years. Can I get a woo-hoo!?!

As I write this (and marvel at the ability to schedule a post in advance) I'm assuming I will actually make it out of the house in one piece. My obsessive packing is about to do me in. Seriously, it boils down to these basics: Party clothes? Check. Kick-ass boots? Check. Way more books than I can possibly read in 4 days? Check. Why am I making this so hard?

Speaking of OCD...don't get me started on the 12-page handbook I am leaving with my loving and capable in-laws. I swear I told them they could skip piano, ballet and soccer, but they are adventurous folks so they are making sure the kids don't miss a bit of the usual insanity. Bless them.

*     *     *