All My Favorites

Tucking in Doodlebug last night, I cooed. . . "Even if I don't say it every single night at dinnertime, I am thankful for you. I am so so thankful for you, for Rascal, for Smiley, for Daddy, for the dogs. I am crazy-thankful for our little family."

She smiled. "But who are you the MOST thankful for?"

"I am thankful for all of you, sweetie. I love you all. Now, good night. Sweet dreams."

"But wait. You always say that, but really, who are you the most thankful for, because I know that I am thankful for a lot of people but I still have my favorites."

"Baby, I'm tired. We've talked about this a million times before."

"And you never answer me."

"Remember that book we all like so much, You're All My Favorites? It's just like that--no matter who is biggly or littley, girl or boy, with or without patches. All that stuff."

"Yes, but really. You can tell me."

I sighed, feeling more weary than charmed. "Doodle, a Mom's heart doesn't work that way. It stretches and grows in infinite ways with each child. I love all of you--differently but the same."

"Ok, differently but the same." She paused. "But who do you love the MOST?"

Exasperated, I raised my voice. "Doodlebug!"

"I KNEW it! Good night, mama!"

*     *     *