Lucky 13!

See that young bride up there? The one smiling so big it looks like she has a coat hanger in her mouth? She was crazy-happy that day! And confident and optimistic and absolutely bubbling. She and her love were setting out to build a dream together.

Today, I hardly recognize her.

This is not because I lack joy or confidence or optimism in our marriage, but because I’m 13 years wiser and living a completely different life.

That girl in the photo, she has no idea what marriage requires. She thinks she does. She thinks she knows something about stick-to-it-ness. She has heard the rumors of the hard work of marriage and only half believes them.

But today, on the Lucky 13 Anniversary, the former bride reflects on all the leaps of faith, the laughter, the listening, the patience, the growth.

Today, she knows the rumors were true. And she knows that of all the reasons her marriage is strong, luck is not one of them.

*     *     *

Photo © 1997 Larkin Photography