The house always wins

Men have a reputation for lacking the multi-tasking gene that women loooove to brag about. My hubby and I are no exception to these stereotypes. Meaning, he can't multi-task and I like to brag.

Just the other day I was able to carry on a charming conversation, unload the dishwasher, reply to a text, referee a kid fight, and train a dog to give me a high-five...all in the same moment. I'm that good. Hubby doesn't even like to say "multi-task," much less attempt it.

However, I recently caught him working it like a pro! Here he is playing two different card games with the three monkeys...which required explaining the history of Vegas to one kid, making sure another didn't change the rules mid-game, and guarding the entire scene from the child who is fond of mass destruction.

Gene or no gene, that kind of multi-tasking takes talent. Bravo!