Rookie Move

In celebration of April Fool's Day, I'm thinking of my darling hubby, recalling some recent moments and wondering...Is he a really good sport or a really big sucker?? I present to the jury Exhibit A...a photo taken after the kids asked him to "close his eyes" because they had a "funny surprise" for him. He dutifully obliged.

And Exhibit B...When just the other night at dinner he told the big kids, "Ok, I will give you dessert if you promise to be cooperative and quick in the shower."

They saluted him and replied, "We promise!"

An hour later, when the kids were neither clean nor cooperative, Hubby grew agitated. He stifled a growl and I overheard them explain where he went wrong.

"You know Dad," Doodlebug said. "You didn't really do it right. You're supposed to give us the dessert AFTER we do what you want, not before."

"Yeah," said Rascal, "because otherwise we might trick you and not really listen."

Oh, so that's how it works! Who knew??